About me

Hi! I am a consultant economist and a faculty of Economics to schools like Symbiosis Institute of Business Management and Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics. My economics consultancy assignments range from impact and sensitivity analysis to surveys and forecasting. Expression is my forte- I love writing and talking. I was an active contributor to the Hindu Business Line some time ago. Over a period of time, I have evolved as a corporate trainer and have been involved in training mid and senior management employees in companies like Infosys, Kirloskar Bros Ltd., Wipro, WNS Global, TNT and Godrej.

My earlier work includes my stint with the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (Pune) as their Economic Advisor. This work involved interactions with the industry and the Government at various levels and culminated in several books and industry based reports that were published by MCCIA.

I have a truly wacky, weird and fun family (including my husband, a consultant on company law and a rather inquisitive and sweet and troublesome 11-year old son) and an assortment of strange and wonderful friends, associates and students around me, the interaction with whom too culminates into “random thoughts” and mad articles. While these are not really economics oriented, they do take off on my innate sense of economics, which really pops up unexpectedly, in the strangest of circumstances.

So welcome to my blog….if you are the serious types, you really need to only read blogs/posts categorized as “Articles on Economics”. Don’t even attempt getting into my random thoughts.

For all others, enjoy!




39 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thanks for your blog ma’am the one teacher which we remember always while reading ET r any things related to tht.

    Economics jagran we understand today is bcoz of u Ma’am..thanks for the valuable teachings


  2. Vintage introduction… I could actually hear you when I read that… This will be such a wonderful way of staying in touch with your thoughts and discussing… Thanks!


  3. Hi Ma’m, Thank You for this amazing blog.. I was reading the analysis of budget online and recalled the one presented by you in convention centre last year. Thanks for the presentation uploaded.Feels like still in SIBM and listening to you. Thanks!!


  4. Such a nice initiative from you Ma’am.. I’m sure many people are going to benefit from this blog!!! Thanks a lot and all the best Ma’am..


  5. I just discovered this!! Gold, absolute gold for your old students!
    While reading your “random thoughts” or even the serious econ blog posts, i can totally picture you in the class narrating it word-to-word!
    Will keep visiting regularly!
    Cheers and keep writing 🙂


  6. wonderful blog Manasi! This is an unusual combination of economics and other topics in life, the relation between them, can only be seen, felt ,and deciphered by a multidimensional person like you.

    thanks and all the best for your blog. and may all of us get many more feasts like these in the coming times


  7. Maam, I am so angry at myself that I didnt know about your blog earlier. Hence, in order to make up for it, I have started reading your blogs in the office and skipping some mundane HR work. As usual, you amaze me with your thoughts and expressions. I have been missing those wonderful sessions of yours. Now I wont anymore. 🙂


  8. Thanks a lot maam for blogging…Everytime i understand anything in ET, i owe it to you! All that you have written I can hear you say it as I read them!! Kudos to the best teacher 🙂
    Subscribed and bookmarked !!!


  9. Dear Prof Mansi,
    I just stumbled on your blog and found it really whacky and brilliant. The way you put your point is also a way of not putting your point 🙂 Thanks for teaching economics using humor. It is a rare combination and you are really good at it.

    I am an econ blogger too but a more serious and boring one. My blog is here: https://mostlyeconomics.wordpress.com/ It will be nice to get your criticism on the same and tips on making it funnier…


    • Hi Amol!
      Thank you for all of those comments! Your blogs are certainly more serious, but definitely NOT boring 🙂 I went through your site and found your commentary very sound indeed.. This is really a wonderful way of meeting with people with a passion for economics…looking forward to a long association!


  10. thanks for the kind comments Prof.

    I am a fan of the blog already..loved the PDS piece..how do you get such ideas? this is such a wonderful way of making your point. you must be a terrific teacher which this page clearly reveals as it has so many comments from your fellow students,,

    yes, we should remain in touch..


  11. Hello ma’am,
    You might not remember me. I was a student of GIPE in the period 2010-12 and also a member of alumni committee. Interaction with you were thought provoking and encouraging. I was missing those conversations. Thanks for your blogs.


  12. Respected Madam Please join in Quora [A serious,addictively engaging thought provoking question answer site]. Your knowledge and wisdom is highly needed there.


  13. Hi Mam, An ardent reader of your blog. I was introduced to this informative place on the internet by one of your SIBM students (Arya Bhasin). Thanks for explaining such complex issues in an easy to understand language and love the way you sprinkle humour in between 🙂


  14. Hello Ma’am,

    This is Priya (you taught us Monetary Macro in Gokhale). I did not have your email id so I thought of choosing this platform to wish you a very happy teacher’s day 🙂 you and your lectures have been an aspiration for me. Your blog is an amazing place to stay up to date with the latest news, in a rather interesting way. Keep inspiring us!



  15. Dear Ma’am,
    I always love to read your blog. The current topics written in a different perspective give me an immense pleasure of learning economics.
    And wish you a very Happy New Year, too!!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Hello 🙂 . . bumped into your blog while trying to find a ‘tree expert’ in Pune.. .to save an almost 70 year old tree in our garden. . (its health seems to be deteriorating). . Can I please request you to pass me the contact details of Mr. S D Mahajan? I would greatly appreciate it!

    One further scan and the other blog posts also look interesting! Will be sure to go through in my free timmme! Thank you for all the effort that you put in 🙂



    • Hi! Thanks for your comments! Well, I do not have Mr. Mahajan’s personal contact, but I have the next best thing 🙂 Go to the http://www.virasatpune.com website and ask any of their volunteers. This tree walk was organized by them and they are really very enthusiastic! I’m sure you’ll get his contact from there. Good luck! Manasi.


  17. Thankyou Ma’am for teaching us economics in a simple way. We feel like this was the best opportunity we got at symbiosis.

    Infact economics and international business are the two subject which I was studying with interest.

    Liked by 1 person

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