Corporate Outlook H2: FY16

Dear Students/ Readers,

Hi! With the current volatility that has crept into the currency, stocks and real sector markets, India Inc. is getting jittery about opportunities and prospects in H2 of FY16. I was scheduled for a talk with a corporate client on Black Monday itself and it was a challenge to deliver the talk as the bad news kept pouring in.. I am sharing the presentation I had prepared since I thought it’ll be a sort of study material for students that keep visiting the blog.

The presentation was directed to a company that deals primarily in irrigation equipment and hence there’s more of a sectoral outlook connected to irrigation in the presentation. There is obviously a lot of talking that supports every point and so the reader may not feel completely connected to the ppt. In that case, just write in to me and I’ll handle your query!

The journey to 2016-17


2 thoughts on “Corporate Outlook H2: FY16

  1. Dear Manasi, It was nice to listen to your presentation – Current Economic Scenario at Yamuna, Pune. I am enlightened with your talk and sure its useful for our business forecast.
    Which Industrial sector will be prosperous over Irrigation & urban infrastructure.


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