A brief history of the Greek crisis: A ppt format

Hi All,

I have been talking about the issues involved in the Greek public debt crisis at various fora and this is a baseline ppt I had prepared for my talks. A lot of the material on this presentation is collated from different sites and articles that I’ve been reading whilst preparing; the ppt is of value primarily to students or researchers looking for a quick reference on the crisis. The presentation covers main issues upto 15th July 2015.

There is a lot of action that happens around this ppt when I support it with the talk, so in that sense, a new reader may find some gaps in it. If you want to know more about a particular issue, just write in and I’ll try to send you some material around it. Here it is..

A brief History of Greece Crisis

These are the main themes covered in the presentation:

1. History on the formation of the European common market

2. Maastricht treaty entry level criteria and movement towards convergence

3. Problems associated with the Maastricht: Connection to Greece

4. Euro launch in 1999

5. Why Greece wanted to enter the Euro: Benefits from having a common currency

6. Change in the growth profile of Greece post-entry

7. How the yield spreads, fiscal deficits, CAD and other indicators for Greece moved pre and post entry

8. Tipping point for the crisis in 2009

9. Reaction of core group in the EU

10. Bailout by the Troika

11. Greek elections and effects of Tsipras coming into power

12. Suspension of bailout and near-collapse of Greek banks

13. The crazy referendum held on July 5th

14. Why Tsipras HAD to accept bailout

15. The new bailout terms by IMF, EU and ECB

Hope you enjoy this study material!



4 thoughts on “A brief history of the Greek crisis: A ppt format

  1. manasi ,this is YOU, affectionate ,cooperative and open.i really love the idea of knowing you as person. thank you ,and may God bless you with all his affection and best things in this world

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    • Hi Preethi, of course you can use the presentation as aa classroom tool! No problems at all. Please do give the blogsite a credit so that your students could visit it. There are also other Greece relevant articles there.. And thank you for visiting too! 😀


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