Economics at Wimbledon!

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I complete a year of blogging today and it’s truly been a fun experience for me. There are so many of you who got connected due to the random, mad thoughts that I post…I have enjoyed the interactions with all of you immensely! There are current students and past students who have been a major part of this virtual classroom (if you will) at manasiecon and they have been a HUGE source of positive energy for me…thank you, guys! This blog also gave me a chance to try my hand at “Tweakonomics”, a column that I write for the Hindu Business Line. A special thanks to R. Srinivasan for having visited the blog and converted it into crazy tweakonomics.

In the meanwhile, there are more wicked thoughts coming your way…so keep reading, keep laughing.

How apt to celebrate this bloganniversary with a mad look at how Wimbledon outcomes change eco-political systems throughout the world 😛

This column appears in today’s Hindu Business Line under “Tweakonomics” and you may want to view it directly at

Else, read it here…as usual, your comments and views are most welcome!

Economics at Wimbledon

Smirk if you will. But tennis and economics are connected. Did you really think its about grass and clay? More like who is in the EU and who goes away. Big serves and volleys? More like whether the stock rallies. Strawberries and cream? Oh, its an economic regime.

Wimbledon 2015. Court No.2 Nick Kyrgios of Greek origin, known for his antics on court, received a warning for “audible obscenity” by British umpire James Keothavong during the match against Frenchman Richard Gasquet. In the next game, Kyrgios showed his defiance by uninterestedly pushing Gasquet’s serves into the net whilst pointing to the hapless umpire.

This small incidence has pushed the Eurozone into a state of terrific panic. Inspired by the Umpire, British PM Cameron too issued a dire warning that he will be restricting movement of Greek citizens into UK, should Greece actually move out of the Euro. Greek voters, incensed by the ball-out by the referee, refused the bail-out in the referendum. What! Beaten by the French! Austerity goes into the net, while defyingly staring at the British.

In the meanwhile, the French do not know quite what to do and are hoping that the Germans do. The Germans are admittedly worried. Especially after Spaniard Rafael Nadal received that humiliating defeat at the hands of German Dustin Brown. Some people have opined that those kind of dreadlocks should not be allowed on the Wimbledon courts. The entire Spain is on a hair-trimming spree and contribution of the hair-dressers towards GDP and sentiment is at an all time high. Spain has now threatened that it may well be the next to move out of the Euro. Angela Merkel is thinking of changing her hairstyle to keep the PIIGS in check. What a d(r)eadlock!

And then, there’s Federer. This Federer Reserves a place for himself in top 5 and when usurped, can cause more economic issues than all of the Federal Reserves in the USA put together. Why, when he crashed out of Australian Open in January 2015, it got the Swiss Government unpegged and they floated the Swiss Franc against the Euro. It’s only with Stan Wawrinka’s win at Roland Garros that the Franc stabilized a bit. However, depreciation of the Federer form is generally perceived to be a greater problem than the Wow-rinka appreciation and the Franc continues to be volatile.

The clear winner is of course, Serbia. Serbia, which has long wanted accession to the EU, has grown tired of continuously answering to silly EU queries. What the deuce! We have an advantage. No.1 is quite our own Djoker. Why so serious, EU? Come on, let us in.

Closer to home, as PM Modi delivers a career grand slam internationally, Indian players have got confused as to which country to pair up with. The poor souls are trying every combination in all doubles events with players from Switzerland, Brazil, Croatia and Canada. Break point at Wimbledon to make it in India.

The dollar has never looked stronger and more “Serene”. Maria Sharapova keeps getting better too. Oh no, not her shots. Her shrieks. This year, she notched 109 decibels in the 4th round, a feat so far only achieved by India’s very own Arnab Goswami. Rumour is that we will soon see him on the tennis circuits, demanding answers for racquet abuses and unforced errors. Ear doctors and heart specialists in London are rubbing their hands in glee, thinking of the rise in business this will create. Pharma stocks have risen.

LaMo doesn’t want to stay in London anymore. He’s coming back to India.



17 thoughts on “Economics at Wimbledon!

  1. I dont have adjectives Prof to again praise this really witty post. And yes many congrats on completing year one of blogging. In the first year itself, you managed to convince Business Line to publish your articles! That is quite something. In your parlance, it is like winning a Grand Slam in first year of turning pro.. Whereas people like us have been blogging for nearly 8-9 years have struggled to even ask our neighbours to read..:-)

    Great going and all the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amolji, I have the same problem with my neighbours too 😀 But what an e-neighbourhood following you have, Sir! And what consistency! Thank you. One wonderful thing which this blog gave me was this connect with you. Thank you for all your support! Really really appreciate it 🙂


  2. It was a pleasure to read this Ma’am. I could actually hear your voice in my head while reading it. 😀

    Such comparison, Economics and Wimbledon; I mean it is just marvelous 🙂 and the last paragraph – Oh my god, IT IS HILARIOUS.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Arth, thank you for the visit to the virtual classroom 😛 and for your comments 😀 I really mean it when I say that its all my wacky students (like you) that help the wickedness along 😛 Thank you again!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. First of all Ma’am, congratulations on completing a year on blogging. Your blogs are amazing. How you connect one thing with other is like HATS OFF!! I have never found even a single person till date like you who so beautifully relate completely different area of things and make it understand so easily. I agree with Arth, I also could actually hear your voice while reading it. Thank you for such amazing blogs!! One more thing because of you I have at least started reading and enjoying it. 🙂

    Ma’am a request can you please write the blogs regularly as am eagerly waiting for your blogs? 😀


  4. Congratulations Mam for completing 1 year, Your Blogs are really amazing. your blogs are equally fun and interesting as classes. Reading this blog was like watching Wimbledon from Different Perspective. You really take simple day to day thing and connect it so well with the Economics or Twickconomics as they say…..


  5. Madam, Congratulations and Jubilation on the successful First year. Hope we(1st year) will taste the same success in your subject!!
    Madam ‘AAP bhi kuch bhi kar sakte ho!’ And believe you me, you wont even miss out on those 3 votes (67/70). Never enjoyed the Opinion page article this much. Thanks for making this experience so amazing.
    Best part of the article is the LaMo. HAHAHA!!


    • Hi Swar, thank you for those warm words…I am glad you enjoyed the Opinion column so much 😛 Well, and I too hope you guys will get to taste success on economics…:P More gossip on your performance when we meet 😛
      And yes, there is no IP issue in sharing any of these…in fact, it was exceedingly nice of you to do that…thank you! 😀


  6. Congratulations Ma’am for the bloganniversary. I have just recently stumbled onto your blog and have been hooked on ever since.
    I remember the lucid manner of your lectures (SIBM:2008-10), and the same flows here in full flow. Its a real treat reading them. Your play of words is absolutely awesome.
    Am gonna stay here for more reading pleasure !


    • Hi Shashwat,
      How wonderful to meet with you here 😊 Perhaps the best part of the blog is that I get to meet you all yet again… So welcome to the virtual classroom 😀 Cheers! Manasi.


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