Econ mom gets FB sassy

On our way back from our weekend trip, we stopped at CCD at this place near Nagar. Seeing Nephew toying with his FB account, I remarked to him rather tentatively that my dearest wish and ambition is to get on my FB account “Manasi was with so and so at such and such a place.””But”, I asked him, voicing my deepest fear and suspicion “How does Facebook know this anyway?”

Now, is this question such a big crime, tell me. He was soooo annoyed with me, I can’t tell you. Rolling his eyes skyward, he said “How will Facebook know anything, bua? YOU have to feed it in” Thank you God! I had been feeling a little worried about this in the past month, just that niggling worry you know, and it felt wonderful that humans were still in control. Extremely relieved and happy, I asked him to show me how to get this done..

So, well, he showed me (though I have forgotten it already, in 2 days) and it looked simple enough and I was rather enticed by the whole thing at that time..well, so I told him “Feeling chilled n thrilled at CCD with Nephew Dear” is what I want on my timeline.

I mean, its MY timeline dammit, and I feel very possessive about it…why others have to come and scribble on MY wall I don’t understand. Actually, I told this to my bhabhi, who too is on FB and shares many of my worries and has similar ones and doesn’t laugh or roll her eyes in that weird fashion that geeks do. So bhabhi told me “But I think you can delete what others have written on your wall if you don’t want it there.” And I know I can. I had actually checked that out… hee hee…so I told bhabhi I (who is also relatively untrained and like me, finds all this techie stuff Latin and Geek) that we have been given powers over our own walls.

“So, delete what you don’t want” is what she told me uncertainly. “But what if people who post things there feel bad…I mean, I don’t know if it’s the done thing. Frankly, do they even come to know I deleted what they lovingly (at this Nephew threw a fit pulling his hair with both hands…rather exaggerated, this generation) wrote onto my wall?” It is a GOOD question, this last one, I tell you. Not one of my nephews (with all their eye-rolling at my uncertainties), nieces and all these young techie people around me have been able to answer this one. Its as good a question as “Does Voldemort come to know when a horcrux is destroyed” Not even Nephew (May the Force be with him), who has a cult position in the family, rather like Yoda in the FB wars, could answer this one…

Anyway, to come back to my timeline, I told Nephew that I want “Feeling Chilled n Thrilled with my Nephew dear” to go on my wall. “No way! I don’t want to be seen with YOU at CCD, bua!” Excuse me? GRRRRRRRRR…oh, how rude, how uncouth is this generation! I had a mad urge to go and plaster some of his crazy baby pics (which I have with me) on his wall. Control, woman, this guy knows how to get that fashionable statement on your wall. Smile! “Come on, only this one time. Please,”I coaxed him, with what I thought was a winning look. And then, most grudgingly, he taught me how to do this. It was really quite simple. I took a couple of pictures too and, we left from there and stopped for fuelling at a petrol pump. I immediately told Nephew enthusiastically that we should now write “Filling petrol at Devi Shakti petrol pump with my FAV nephew” so that I’ll get a bit of practice. “Bbbuuuuuuuuuaaaaaa, I’ll kill you…you can’t possibly tell the world I was with you at this…whatisit? (Devi Shakti, I piped in helpfully)…yeah, this Devi Shakti petrol pump” he said, flexing his muscles threateningly. Hmph! What is the world coming to? I mean, your aunt wants to tell the world she enjoys being with you, even at the petrol pump, and these youngsters…But what was fun was that for the first time I realized wickedly that I now had geeky control over Neffy-poo :p

Now, this new knowledge HAD to be tested and tried and consolidated. I immediately told bhabhi “Tomorrow, I am going to McDonald’s (there’s one right across the corner from my home) and write something nice on the timeline”…such as “Feeling full at McD with…?” Nephew bared his teeth at me in a most rude fashion indicating that he can’t be seen with ME at McD’s either. I mean, what will all those 213 girls who are “FB friends” think? Ohk..Just then, bhabhi asked me “So, are you going to McD’s just for practice?” Well, yes, I sighed, what to do Bhabhi, no gain without pain… “But Manasi,”she suddenly burst out “You don’t have to! Last time I was practicing at home and it shows all possible locations around the house…including McD’s” What? Now, this means I just go to my FB account at home and click on the Mac location (Wow! Feeling exceedingly intelligent with Bhabhi :P) and I’m through! Hee hee! So the next day, bhabhi came over for a cup of coffee (thereby saving us lots of money as well as calories, she reminded me wickedly) and we selected the McD location and immediately decided to write “Feeling blessed and contended with Nephew Dearest at McD’s” (just to make him squirm, the brat, hee hee hee) and also pasted a pic from CCD (so long as you are in a dimly lit place with some food in hand, how does it matter!) for good measure…

Aaaah! Life feels so…good! The moment Nephew Dearest says the remotestly rude thing to me these days, I just remark softly “Oh. Feeling joooooyously creative with my FAV nephew at Bhamburde Wada Pav Center” Tee hee hee…that shuts him up. Thank you, Facebook!






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