Is it possible to feel such deep anguish

Love so strong that one could perish

And pain that takes one’s breath away

And genius! Music so sublime, it shows me

An untreaded path.. an unknown way…


A way to Vienna, into timelessness..centuries old

Where mediocrity absurd gains over genius bold

Bold, so bold, it makes my mind turn and twist

Into little pieces, far into unknown mist..


Misty it is, yet so very clear

The brain of the genius, where he abounds without fear

As he plunges into the icy unknown water

Oh! Why is it my lungs that are so devoid of matter


Matter, matter that is in my mind

He shows me the truth that I have yearned to find

But the moment I touch it, I lose it, why

Is it that the obvious is so shy…


Yet shy away from him it does not

No indeed, with a mind and a soul fraught

With sopranos and vibratos, major truth in minor chords lure

My mind to his symphonies so damningly pure…


Why is it that it only occurs to you

Why is it that it only is seen by you

Why is it that I am disturbed, yet feel rested

Only in your vagrancy I feel nested…


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