Rains are here…finally

Well, its drizzling in Pune today, finally. I was beginning to forget what overcast skies actually look like. Of course, today’s drizzle is in no way enough. We are looking at making good a shortfall of nearly a month. The biggest issue in the rural areas is the health of the rain-fed farm sector and in water-starved urban areas, its about implementing water cuts so that the populace gets enough water for drinking and sanitation.

The economics of agriculture and urban planning apart, today, I was just happy to get a chance to use the wipers on the wind-screen!



10 thoughts on “Rains are here…finally

    • Hi! Aga, thanks! I am still getting used to this…jarashi ghaabarle aahe 🙂 Aparna, u shld DEFINITELY read the article called the harassed econ mom…u’ll like it ..

      Again, thanks for visiting the site…love Manasi.


  1. The real question still remains ma’am, How many more years will we still stare up at the Skies for rains to arrive and solve our problem!!!I am still not convinced of the amount of subsidies we charter out…. also the priorities between capex and subsidies… and there was no concrete statement in the budget for reduction in subsidy bills…
    On the non economic side… rains make zipping through the expressway… so much more pleasant and picturesque!!!


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