Analysis of Union Budget 2014-15

Budget 2014-15


26 thoughts on “Analysis of Union Budget 2014-15

  1. Hey Manasi,
    good to c ur blog. Enjoy the rains n keep posting… Hope it just doesn’t drizzle, it pours as heavy as it’s pouring in Mumbai .


  2. Hi Manasi mam,
    im so glad to finally see your blog coming up. have really missed ur sessions and your refreshing insights into all the latest news. please do continue writing.. you have a lot of loyal followers I can vouch for that. really miss you and look forward to more posts!! 🙂


    • Hiiiii :)) You were one person I was thinking of when I started this off…so glad to see you here Arushi…stay in touch..will be loading some serious and some seriously wicked 🙂 thoughts..stop reading analysis of the the harassed econ mom- u’ll like it :)) love, Manasi.


    • Hiiiiiii!

      Oh, thanks for visiting the site on day 1…news DOES get around, doesn’t it? Hope to stay in touch with all of you with some serious and some seriously wicked 🙂 articles…cheers! Manasi.


  3. Hi Manasi, a very well researched and crisply presented budget. Your efforts show. Keep posting and yes achhe din to aaye hai aur jyada ayenge.


  4. Hello Mam,
    It was great to read the blog after attending the post budget sessions 🙂
    Looking forward to much and more.
    I just wanted your opinion on what Swaminathan Aiyar (I know he’s not your favorite) said about FDI being better accepted if it was risen to 51% in defence and insurance here. What is your take on it and is what he claimed justified.
    Find the link for the same below:
    Thank You 😀


    • Hi Avit,
      Much as I disagree with Swami on the overall rating of the budget, he does have a point here. Unless the number is moved from 26% to 51%, we are not looking at a true change. But I would still stand by my stance that its a pretty decent job in the face of some seriously unwieldy constraints 🙂 Keep reading!


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